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* = equal contribution authors; ° = co-corresponding authors


  • (41) F. Kilchherr, C. Wachauf, B. Pelz, M. Rief, M. Zacharias, and H. Dietz
    'Single-molecule dissection of stacking forces in DNA'
    Science, (2016), doi 10.1126/science.aaf5508
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (40) S. Krishnan, D. Ziegler, V. Arnaut, T. Martin, K. Kapsner, K. Henneberg, A. Bausch, H. Dietz, and F. Simmel
    'Molecular transport through large-diameter DNA nanopores'
    Nature Communications, (2016), in the press
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (39) E. Stahl, F. Praetorius, C. de Oliveira-Mann, K. Hopfner, and H. Dietz
    'Impact of heterogeneity and lattice bond strength of DNA triangle crystallization'
    ACS Nano, (2016), doi 10.1021/acsnano.6b04787
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (38) L. Rodrigues, K. Kyriakos, F. Schneider, H. Dietz, G. Winter, C. Papadakis, and M. Hubert
    'Characterization of lipid-based hexosomes as versatile vaccine carriers'
    Mol. Pharmaceutics, (2016), doi 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.6b00716
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (37) L. Bruetzel, T. Gerling, S. Sedlak, P. Walker, W. Zheng, H. Dietz, and J. Lipfert
    'Conformational changes and flexibility of DNA devices observed by small-angle X‐ray scattering'
    Nano Letters, vol 16 (2016), p4871-4879
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (36) H. Dietz
    'Toward Applications for DNA Nanotechnology - More Bricks to Build with'
    ChemBioChem, vol 17 (2016), p1046-1047
    [pdf] [publisher website] - editorial

  • (35) P. Ketterer, E. Willner, and H. Dietz
    'Nanoscale rotary apparatus formed from tight-fitting 3D DNA components'
    Science Advances, vol 2 (2016), e1501209
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]


  • (34) J. Funke and H. Dietz
    'Placing molecules with Bohr radius resolution using DNA origami'
    Nature Nanotechnology, (2015), doi 10.1038/nnano.2015.240
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (33) H. Dietz
    'Nanoscale cable tacking'
    Nature Nanotechnology, vol 10 (2015), p829-830
    [pdf] [publisher website] - comment on work by Gothelf and colleagues

  • (32) J. Sobczak and H. Dietz
    'DNA-nanoparticle crystals: Exploiting shape complementarity'
    Nature Materials, vol 14 (2015), p752-754
    [pdf][publisher website] - comment on work by Mirkin and Gang

  • (31) B. Kick, F. Praetorius, H. Dietz, and D. Weuster-Botz
    'Efficient production of single-stranded DNA as scaffolds for DNA origami'
    Nano Letters, vol 15 (2015), p4672-4676
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (30) T. Gerling, K. Wagenbauer, A. Neuner, and H. Dietz
    'Dynamic DNA devices and assemblies formed by shape-complementary, non-basepairing 3D components'
    Science, vol 347 (2015), p1446-1452
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement] [perspective]

  • (29) C. Lieleg, P. Ketterer, J. Nuebler, J. Ludwigsen, U. Gerland, H. Dietz, F. Mueller-Planitz, and P. Korber
    'Nucleosome spacing generated by ISWI and CHD1 remodelers is constant regardless of nucleosome density'
    Molecular and Cellular Biology, vol 35 (2015), 1588-1605
    [pdf] [publisher website]


  • (28) C. Plesa, N. van Loo, P. Ketterer, H. Dietz, and C. Dekker
    'Velocity of DNA during translocation through a solid state nanopore'
    Nano Letters, (2014), doi 10.1021/nl504375c
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (27) E. Stahl, T. Martin, F. Praetorius, and H. Dietz
    'Facile and scalable preparation of pure and dense DNA origami solutions'
    Angewandte Chemie Intl. Edn., vol 53 (2014), p12735
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (26) H. Cui, B. Seubert, E. Stahl, H. Dietz, U. Reuning, L. Moreno-Leon, M. Ilie, P. Hofman, H. Nagase, B. Mari, and A. Krüger
    'Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases-1 induces a pro-tumourigenic increase of miR-210 in lung adenocarcinoma cells and their exosomes'
    Oncogene, vol 34 (2014), p3640-3650
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (25) B. Shen, V. Linko, H. Dietz, and J. Toppari
    'Dielectrophoretic trapping of multilayer DNA origami nanostructures and DNA origami -induced local destruction of silicon dioxide'
    Electrophoresis, (2014), doi: 10.1002/elps.201400323
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (24) K. Wagenbauer*, C. Wachauf*, and H. Dietz
    'Quantifying Quality in DNA Self-Assembly'
    Nature Communications, 5:3691 (2014), doi: 10.1038/ncomms4691
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (23) C. Plesa, A. Adithya, V. Linko, C. Gulcher, A. Katan, H. Dietz, and C. Dekker
    'Ionic Permeability and Mechanical Properties of DNA Origami Nanoplates on Solid-State Nanopores'
    ACS Nano, vol 8 (2014), p35
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]


  • (22) E. Pfitzner*, C. Wachauf*, F. Kilchherr*, B. Pelz, W. Shih, M. Rief, and H. Dietz
    'Rigid DNA beams for high-resolution single-molecule mechanics'
    Angewandte Chemie Intl. Edn., vol 52 (2013), p7766
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (21) V. Linko and H. Dietz
    'The enabled state of DNA nanotechnology'
    Curr Opin Biotechnol, (2013), doi: 10.1016/j.copbio.2013.02.001
    [pdf] [publisher website]


  • (20) J. Sobczak, T. Martin, T. Gerling, and H. Dietz
    'Rapid folding of DNA into nanoscale shapes at constant temperature'
    Science, vol 338 (2012), p1458
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (19) X. Bai, T. Martin, S. Scheres°, and H. Dietz°
    'Cryo-EM structure of a 3D DNA-origami object'
    P Natl Acad Sci USA, vol 109 (2012), 20012
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (18) M. Langecker*, V. Arnaut*, T. Martin*, J. List, S. Renner, M. Mayer, H. Dietz°, and F. Simmel°
    'Synthetic lipid membrane channels formed by designed DNA nanostructures'
    Science, vol 338 (2012), p932
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (17) T. Martin and H. Dietz
    'Magnesium-free self-assembly of multi-layer DNA objects'
    Nature Communications, vol 3 (2012), #1103
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (16) R. Wei*, T. Martin*, U. Rant°, and H. Dietz°
    'DNA origami gatekeepers for solid-state nanopores'
    Angewandte Chemie Intl. Edn., vol 51 (2012), p4864
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (15) D. Kim, F. Kilchherr, H. Dietz°, and M. Bathe°
    'Quantitative prediction of 3D solution shape and flexibility of nucleic acid nanostructures'
    Nucleic Acids Research, vol 40 (2012), p2862
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]


  • (14) M. Vukajlovic, H. Dietz, M. Schliwa, and Z. Ökten
    'How kinesin-2 forms a stalk'
    Molecular Biology of the Cell, vol 22 (2011), p4279
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

  • (13) C. Castro, F. Kilchherr, D. Kim, E. Shiao, T. Wauer, P. Wortmann, M. Bathe, and H. Dietz
    'A primer to scaffolded DNA origami'
    Nature Methods, vol 8 (2011), p221
    [pdf] [publisher website] [supplement]

2009 (Dietz PostDoc)

2008 and before (Dietz PhD)

  • (10) H. Dietz and M. Rief
    'Elastic bond network model for protein unfolding mechanics'
    Phys Rev Lett, vol 100 (2008), 098101
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (9) M. Mickler, R. Dima, H. Dietz, C. Hyeon, D. Thirumalai, and M. Rief
    'Revealing the bifurcation in the unfolding pathway of GFP by using single-molecule experiments and simulations'
    P Natl Acad Sci USA, vol 104 (2007), p20268
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (8) H. Dietz*, T. Bornschlögl*, R. Heym, F. König, and M. Rief
    'Programming protein self-assembly with coiled coils'
    New J Phys, vol 9 (2007), p424
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (7) T. Liedl, H. Dietz, B. Yurke, and F. Simmel
    'Controlled Trapping and Release of Quantum Dots in a DNA-linked Hydrogel'
    Small, vol 3/10 (2007), p1688
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (6) H. Dietz and M. Rief
    'Detecting molecular fingerprints in single molecule force spectroscopy using pattern recognition'
    Jap J Appl Phys, vol 46-8B (2007), p5540
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (5) H. Dietz, F. Berkemeier, M. Bertz, and M. Rief
    'Anisotropic deformation response of single protein molecules'
    P Natl Acad Sci USA, vol 103 (2006), p12724
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (4) H. Dietz and M. Rief
    'Protein structure by mechanical triangulation'
    P Natl Acad Sci USA, vol 103 (2006), p1244
    [pdf] [publisher website] [research highlight]

  • (3) H. Dietz, M. Bertz, M. Schlierf, F. Berkemeier, T. Bornschlögl, J. Junker, and M. Rief
    'Cysteine engineering of polyproteins for single molecule force spectroscopy'
    Nature Protocols, vol 1 (2006), p80
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (2) S. Kufer, H. Dietz, C. Albrecht, K. Blank, A. Kardinal, M. Rief, and H. Gaub
    'Covalent immobilization of recombinant fusion proteins with hAGT for single molecule force spectroscopy'
    Eur Biophys J, vol 35 (2005), p72
    [pdf] [publisher website]

  • (1) H. Dietz and M. Rief
    'Exploring the energy landscape of Green Fluorescent Protein by single-molecule mechanical experiments'
    P Natl Acad Sci USA, vol 101 (2004), p16192
    [pdf] [publisher website] [editor's choice]

  • M. Langecker, V. Arnaut, T. Martin, F.C. Simmel, and H. Dietz.
    'Nucleic acid based nanopores or transmembrane channels and their uses'
    EP 2695949 A1 (pending decision)

  • M. Bathe, D.N. Kim, H. Dietz.
    'Method and Apparatus for Controlling Properties of Nucleic Acid Nanostructures'
    US Patent No. 12/976,737. granted june 2013

  • H. Dietz and T. Liedl
    'Modifying structures, preferably biocompatible three-dimensional microstructures in a matrix comprises providing matrix made of liquid matrix material, adding a liquid crosslinking agent using injection pipette and moving the pipette'
    DE102008020665-A1 (pending decision)

Books, Theses
  • M. Rief and H. Dietz
    'Single molecule force spectroscopy of proteins'
    Contributed to 'Soft condensed matter physics in Molecular and Cell biology'
    (2006), ISBN 0-7503-1023-5

  • H. Dietz
    'Mechanische Anisotropie einer Proteinstruktur in Einzelmolekülexperimenten'
    Doctoral Thesis, TU Munich (2007) [pdf]

  • H. Dietz
    'Mechanik des Grün Fluoreszierenden Proteins'
    Diploma Thesis, LMU Munich (2004) [pdf]

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